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Jersey Camello Skirt

595.00 $

Regular Fit Bootcut Trousers

395.00 $

Tweed Dress

1,487.50 $2,125.00 $

Knitted tank top

Longsleeve top with cut-outs

565.00 $

Heartbeat Patterned Tweed Skirt

395.50 $

Heartbeat Patterned Tweed Blazer

997.50 $

Heartbeat Plaid Jersey Blazer

665.00 $950.00 $

Heartbeat Plaid Trousers

339.50 $485.00 $

Heartbeat Scuba Blazer

416.50 $595.00 $

Pantalon en jersey coupe large rouge

297.50 $425.00 $

Black Patterned Cropped Knitted Tanktop

297.50 $425.00 $

Classic Shirt

335.00 $

Black Patterned Mini Dress With Details

976.50 $

Black Patterned Mini Skirt With Giant Check

227.50 $325.00 $


The Riani clothing line is available in Montreal from L’Essentiel par MF.

In1968, Jürgen Buckenmaier laid the cornerstone for the RIANI success story in his home town of Schorndorf, with his so-called “Bucki” trousers. Bucki trousers became a huge hit, with over 100,000 pairs sold.

The first RIANI STORE opened on December 1, 2011. RIANI's hometown of Schorndorf was chosen intentionally. The company now had 350 employees worldwide, and its collections are distributed internationally.

RIANI is both traditional and visionary. It's for the woman who knows exactly what life‘s about. A woman in RIANI is always confidently dressed. High-quality, elegant and exclusively manufactured materials. Surprising details. Perfect cut. Perfect fit. RIANI is glamorous and classy.

To find a gorgeous Riani piece in Montreal, make an appointment and enjoy a customized private shopping experience in a stylish location bringing together the most beautiful collections from here and abroad.

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