The One- Stop Shopping of current trends in a private and friendly atmosphere is found at L’Essentiel par MF !
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Private personalized shopping

The most stunning collections
All in one place

Fabiana Filippi, Luisa Cerano,
Amina Rubinacci, Riani

Come experience the private and personalized shopping!

Fabiana Filippi

Fabiana Filippi collections offer a modern and exclusive style consistent with the philosophy of the brand. Harmonious and detailed style where simplicity means understatement. Read more

Amina Rubinacci

Essentials by MF offers the largest inventory of the collection Amina Rubinacci in Montreal.

Paris defines Amina Rubinacci “wool Queen”. Read more


Sportalm – state-of-the-art skiwear in trendy design! Ladies who not only want to be prepared for all weather conditions when driving on the pistes, but also have a style-conscious…  Read more


The Lorena Antoniazzi brand, specializing in high-end knitwear, was founded in Perugia in 1993. The creation of the label was founded with passion by Lorena a Creative Director… Read more


We are happy to welcome you in store for a private shopping!
We have put in place all the necessary measures to welcome you with complete peace of mind.


Come experience the private and personalized shopping!


Considérant mon horaire chargé et le peu de temps que je dispose pour le choix de mes tenues vestimentaires, je suis heureuse de pouvoir compter sur ton expertise pour me soutenir professionnellement. Tu me proposes toujours des choix intéressants et diversifiés et ton accueil est fort sympatique.

– Patricia Gauthier

Présidente–Directrice générale, Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal