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Lorena Antoniazzi

Tweed Sabot, Black and White

855.00 $

Black Trousers

740.00 $

T-Shirt Off-White

215.00 $

Crewneck Sweater, Camel and White

Original price was: 670.00 $.Current price is: 502.50 $.

Trousers, Off-White

720.00 $

Top, Camel and White

Original price was: 610.00 $.Current price is: 457.50 $.

Trousers, Cream and White

Original price was: 755.00 $.Current price is: 566.25 $.

Dress, Cream

820.00 $

Black T-Shirt

380.00 $

Black Top

935.00 $

Skirt, Off-White

880.00 $

V-Neck Sweater, Beige

610.00 $

Knitted Pants, Camel and White

536.25 $715.00 $

Knitted Top, Camel and White

405.00 $540.00 $

Knit Cardigan, Camel

701.25 $935.00 $

Lorena Antoniazzi

The Lorena Antoniazzi clothing line is available in Montreal at L’Essentiel par MF.

The Lorena Antoniazzi brand, specializing in high-end knitwear, was founded in Perugia in 1993. The creation of the label was founded with passion by Lorena a Creative Director, and her husband Luca Mirabassi, founder and owner of Sterne International an Umbrian company that produces and distributes it. It’s a passion coupled with design and production of high quality garments, with a focus on knitwear.

To find a gorgeous Lorena Antoniazzi piece in Montreal, make an appointment and enjoy a customized private shopping experience in a stylish location bringing together the most beautiful collections from here and abroad.

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