Luisa Cerano
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Luisa Cerano

About This Project

L’Essentiel par MF offers a range of Luisa Cerano women’s clothing in Montréal.

LUISA CERANO is a favourite of confident women with individual style around the world. Its trademark is its unmistakable feminine-casual silhouette, which is reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary manner each season.

LUISA CERANO products reflect an individual understanding of femininity, sportiness and comfort. The brand also stands out for its reasonable prices and high design and quality standards, which give it an enviable position in the premium market segment.

The LUISA CERANO brand’s development has been among the most successful in recent years. A brand lives through its people, their creativity, their expertise and their ideas, and we at LUISA CERANO offer enthusiasm and passion as well as these.

LUISA CERANO is part of the HAUBER Group, a textile dynasty rich in tradition from Southern Germany, which is the birthplace of the textile industry.

To discover Luisa Cerano women’s fashions in Montreal, make an appointment to enjoy a customized private shopping experience in a stylish location bringing together the most beautiful collections from here and abroad.

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