Fabiana Filippi
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Fabiana Filippi

About This Project

L’Essentiel par MF carries Montreal’s largest inventory of the Fabiana Filippi collection.

Fabiana Filippi is one of the leading brands of high-end Italian-made fashions. The brand is distributed in 30 countries around the world and is promoted in all the major fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Moscow.

Entirely Italian-made, the brand’s distinguishing feature is its perfect balance of high design quality and unique style.

Fibres are worked in a refined and precise way to preserve their delicate nature and to endow each precision-made piece with superior value. Drawing on a passion for tradition and for the handmade, it uses work techniques to create harmonious lines that provide comfort and style. This creative purity translates into recognizable and timeless designs.

With attention to detail, the finest raw materials are chosen and quality is ensured at every stage of the process.


Fabiana Filippi is for the sophisticated and elegant woman. The brand offers distinctive elegance, a sense of timeless beauty meant to be interpreted through the wearer’s personality.

Fabiana Filippi’s collections offers an exclusive contemporary style, consistent with the brand’s philosophy, a harmonious and detail-oriented style, where simplicity stands for understatement.


Fabiana Filippi is committed to developing sustainable growth while respecting the ecosystem. This includes showing respect for society, both locally and globally. The company invests in order to reduce the environmental impact of its processes, and demands the same commitment from its suppliers.

Every piece signed by Fabiana Filippi incorporates an unconditional commitment to ethical business methods that respect laws, consumers, employees and nature.

To view Montreal’s largest collection of Fabiana Filippi fashions, make an appointment to enjoy a customized private shopping experience in a stylish location bringing together the most beautiful collections from here and abroad.

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