Amina rubinacci
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Amina rubinacci

About This Project

L’Essentiel par MF offers the most extensive inventory of the Amina Rubinacci collection in Montréal.

Amina Rubinacci is the founder of the “Maison” established in Naples in the 1970s, which has become one the most important Italian fashion houses.

The queen of wool

Paris considers Amina Rubinacci “the queen of wool.” From Christian Dior to Saint Laurent, all of the great French stylists recognize the elegance, comfort and exceptional quality of the woolen garments produced by Amina Rubinacci.

The main characteristics of her fashion house are its continuous search for chromatic solutions, highly focussed on model design and fabric selection, as well as its systematic control of the work process.

The brand offering

Working with her children, Amina Rubinacci has expanded the house’s brand offering. Today, it focuses on producing garments in wool and various other textiles, as well as leather clothing.

To view Montreal’s largest collection of Amina Rubinacci fashions, make an appointment to enjoy a customized private shopping experience in a stylish location bringing together the most beautiful collections from here and abroad.

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